Tyler Gragg

My Mission: Create

If I was to boil my life down to one single mission statement, it would be this: "I desire to show the world who it is and, through creativity and collaboration, who it can be."  I truly believe people seek out creativity in all parts of their lives, including work, friendships, family, and hobbies, and that how someone finds entertainment, interest, or purpose is what drives people to do the things they do. I want give people the inspiration they need to take a look at who they are on track to be, and steer their life in a direction that is meaningful to them. 

I'm much more inclined to the tech side of things, so I've got some resources listed for people wanting to dig into that world. However, I also believe that almost all jobs can benefit from all different types of brains working together. So, I also have some general productivity resources listed for people wanting to change who you are for the better.